Financial District Fruit


European Pear From Battery Roof-top Garden



Battery Roof-top Garden features an unprecedented orchard on the 35th floor overlooking New York Harbor.  

A grove of eight dwarf and semi-dwarf trees include four varieties of apples (Red Fuji, Red Winesap, Macoun and Royal Gala), one European Pear (Moonglow) (pictured above as of 26 August 2010), one nectarine (Redgold), one plum (Stanley) and one peach (July Elberta).  

In addition, two pear espaliers grow on sturdy copper wire.  One features three separate varieties of Europen Pear (Bosc, Bartlett and Red Bartlett) grafted on a single leader, and the other three varities of Asian Pear (Shinseiki, Chojuro and Nijisseki), similarly grafted. Two varieties of seedless eating grape grow on the pergola, Vitis labrusca ‘Reliance’ at the North end and Vitis labrusca ‘Mars’ to the South. 

Full details of the fruit trees are set forth in the spread sheet below.   Check blog updates for harvest information and tasting notes. 

Variety Location Notes
Malus sylvestris var. domesticaRed Fuji Dwarf Apple   East side:  northeast  
Malus sylvestris var. domesticaRed Winesap Semi-Dwarf Apple   East side: southeast Self-pollinating
Malus sylvestris var. domesticaMacoun Semi-Dwarf Apple   East side:  southwest  
Malus sylvestris var. domesticaRoyal Gala Apple [dwarf or semidwarf]   East side:  northwest Self-pollinating
Pyrus communisMoonglow Pear Dwarf   West side:  northeast Blight resistant8-10’ height  
Prunus persica var. nucipersicaRedgold Nectarine, Dwarf   West side:  southeast Self-polinatingMid-August harvest  
Prunus domesticaStanley Prune Plum   West side:   southwest  
Prunus persicaJuly Elberta Peach Dwarf   West side:  northwest Most disease resistantTo 15’  



Location Variety Notes
North – top Pyrus comunis (European Pear) — Bosc  
North – middle Pyrus comunis (European Pear) — Bartlett  
North – bottom Pyrus comunis (European Pear) – Red Bartlett  
South – top Asian pear – Shinseiki Self-pollinate, multiple harvest
South – middle Asian pear – Chojuro Best tasting, like butterscotch,  ripe mid-September, fruit keeps 6 months in fridge, needs thinning
South – bottom Nijisseiki  

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