The Team

The Battery Roof-top Garden benefited from a first class team of designers, consultants, suppliers and contractors, including:

  • Annie Novak, urban farmer extraordinaire, proprietor of Eagle Street Rooftop farm ( and  Be sure to read her blog at The Atlantic (Diary of an Urban Farmer).   Annie consulted on the design of the vegetable area, soil composition and other matters and, with her assistant Melissa Metrick, has planted, tended and harvested the vegetables during the garden’s first year.
  • Mark K. Morrison Landscape Architecture, PC.  Mark and his associates Anne Vaterlaus and Melissa Ix did design work for the entire roof and coordinated all plantings other than the vegetables.   Mark and his team are leaders in sustainable landscape design and green roofs.  (
  • Windsway Construction LLC, lead by Mark’s son Blake Morrison, coordinated the construction and procured and planted all of the plantings (other than vegetables).
  • Museum Productions, Inc., lead by Richard Weber, crafted, patinaed and installed all of the steel planters and edging, which were vital to achieving the soil depths required for the ambitious planting scheme, and also the sturdy copper screening, whcih supports the vining vegetable and espalier.
  • McEnroe Organic Farm, of Millerton, NY, supplied a custom crafted green roof soil rich in compost (including a specially crafted acidic soil for the blueberries).  See posts under the “Soil” category.
  • Nurseries supplying plant material included Twombly Nursery, Hardscrabble Farm, Ward’s Nursery, Claire’s, Rosedale and others.
  • Glass artist Eve Vaterlaus designed and executed the twin blue glass “Double-Helix” fountains. 
  • David McAlpin of Fradkin & McAlpin Associates, architects, designed the steel and glass Pergola, for which Temple Contracting served as the General Contractor.

3 Responses to The Team

  1. Dear Battery Rooftop Garden Team,

    I am a Danish student writing my bachelor thesis on ‘Food and the Sustainable City’ looking at edible rooftop gardens and I would therefore very much like to include some information about the Battery Rooftop.
    How big is it? What kind of building is underneath And is the garden accessible, open to the public, by appointment, or private?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Would be happy to do a story on your rooftop garden project. Just send us a story and some photos and we will be happy to share it and link back to your site. Just started a new blog series called Real People with Rooftop Gardens! Love your work and I think your project and team story would be very interesting to our audience.

  3. Simin Zhou says:


    I am a photography student from New York Film Academy, and now I am doing a project about rooftop farms in NYC. Is the garden open to public? Can I have a visit to the garden and take some photos. Thank you.

    Hope to hear your response soon.


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