The Gardener

The proprietor of Battery Roof-top Garden, Fred Rich, is an author (see his author web site), teacher, and environmentalist (he formerly spent over three decades as partner of an international law firm based in nearby lower Manhattan).   Rich developed a significant ecologically-sensitive landscape garden in the Hudson Highlands, which is purely ornamental and does not feature edibles.   In 2009 he acquired a state-of-the-art green roof at one of New York’s first LEED “Platinum” condo buildings (The Visionaire) and was inspired to undertake a project to demonstrate the variety of food that could be grown in the heart of the City.

Fred is active in a variety of New York and national environmental and land conservation groups, and is an advocate for farmland preservation, urban agriculture, and Green sustainable cities.   He can be contacted at

7 Responses to The Gardener

  1. Astounding! You Go Gotham Greenjeans! What a great adventure!

  2. Ellen Strauss says:

    Hi Rick, Helen just got your letter and we are looking at your web site. Technolgy at Haverford Estates is not very advanced, no wireless etc. We were able to snag a tethered computer and find you wonderful site. Nice to support green roofs, PV, and edible landscapes in the city! I grew tomatoes on North Morre Street which were delicious even with surprisingly thick skins. Much love to you, Helen and Ellen

  3. Amy says:

    Mary was absolutely delighted to see your purple cauliflower and learn that it was your breakfast! Have a great weekend.

  4. Jess Palahicky says:

    Finally made it! Everything looks wonderful!

  5. Paul Weston says:

    Hi Fred
    Just found your card and able to view the wonderful Battery Garden, what a great job you have done. Hope your book is finally edited and ready to hit the world, let me know when it’s out! It was a pleasure to meet you on the cruise, even for the short time you allowed yourself to join us! I have been invited to the “Actionfest” film festival in North Carolina on the 12th-15 April and may fly through New York. I’ll let you know, it would be great to see you.
    Take care of yourself.
    Cheers, Paul and Dolly

  6. Paul Pettersen says:

    Wow. Having a dinner party 4-21 In Garden City to support a local college’s sustainability program and wondered if I could purchase rooftop garden produce from your garden. Is that possible?

  7. Yasmeen Hoosenally says:

    Dear Rooftop Gardener,
    My kids and I love looking at the Rooftop Garden pictures. If you are able to offer a visiting time, please do let us know!

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