Construction Progress Photos

Construction of the green roof commenced in early March and was largely complete by late-May.  See “The Team” page for names of the designers and contractors involved.  Here, in chronological order, are some photographs of construction progress:

Below are the open-bottom planters for fruit trees.  On a green roof, all planters have open bottoms, to freely allow roots to penetrate the ground below the planter, and to allow water to freely flow:

The roofing membranes, water-collection/drainage matt and root barriers were already installed on the pre-existing extenstive green roof, and were not changed:

The open-bottom vegetables planters, with three different soil depths, were then set:

Wheelbarrows, not often seen on the 35th floor:


The east berm, as installed on May 19, 2010, with the taller cylinder for the Stewartia, and the support for the espalier:

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