The Fruits of Climate Change?

Here in Zone 6, the usual first frost date is October 15, with at least one hard freeze usually occurring by November 10.  Today is December 1, and as far as I can tell, we have yet to have either a serious frost or a hard freeze at the Battery Rooftop Garden.   Last night I harvested tomatoes, lettuce, celery and carrots, all looking as if it were late August.  This morning I harvested broccoli and parsley for breakfast.  

The purple cauliflower was a thing of beauty:

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4 Responses to The Fruits of Climate Change?

  1. myrette robertson says:

    Intrigued re your rooftop garden. Does the wind cross pollinate or do you have bees
    and insects at that height? Son Stewart told me all about your garden.
    Good luck!
    Myrette Robertson

    • Dear Mrs. Robertson:
      Thanks so much for your comment. When planning the garden, I was worried about pollination, and the experts I consulted told me that insects would only climb 11 floors at a time without someplace green to rest or feed. They advised that various ledges and balconies on the buildings around me should be sufficient to get them to the 35th floor. They were right. The insect life has proven abundant, and within weeks of planting, bees had found their way up to the 35th floor and were busily doing their job. Remarkable in the middle of Wall St. You might want to see the blog posting titled “Panspermia” for more on this topic. Please come visit when you are next in New York.

  2. carolwallace says:

    Mr. Rich, may I respectfully suggest that you include a “subscribe” widget in the margin of your blog? Your earnest admirer, Carol (who hasn’t really got the hang of the RSS business)

  3. Wing Keith says:


    So sorry to have missed Thurs, but so pleased to have obtained your website info from ABM! Have just cruised it and am So Impressed! Quick question: do you eat the “Back Trout” lettuce while listening to an old favorite, Schubert’s “Trout Quintet”?? W.

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