Finally Spring

Many of the edible plants at Battery Rooftop Garden, such as the fruit trees and berry bushes, are new to rooftop gardening.   It was far from certain that they would survive the extreme conditions of the 35th floor in the windiest part of the City.   And their first winter on the roof tested them severely:

The rooftop orchard in February

Herb garden in the snow

To my surprise and delight, virtually all the plantings have survived the winter and are putting on a show of robust good health in early spring.  Here is the Redgold dwarf nectarine (Prunus persica var. nucipersica) on April 14, on the verge of spectacular bloom:

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1 Response to Finally Spring

  1. Julie Greco says:

    What an incredible operation. Wonderful produce, grown and displayed elegantly, for all the right reasons. Nice job.

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