Spring Surprises

Last year’s broccoli and cauliflower plants were left in the rear beds for winter interest.  Who would have known (actually, many of you, I suspect) that these plants would not only survive the winter, but the heads would separate and burst into exuberant bloom:

And of course, other food crops have proven to be pleasingly ornamental.  Here is one of the heirloom apples against the photovoltaic panels:

And the early season blueberries, with each blossom containing the promise of a sweet berry to come:

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1 Response to Spring Surprises

  1. carolwallace says:

    I look forward to my next dish of broccoli blossoms on the Battery Rooftop. Am regretting not bringing some home as a party favor, to saute with some garlic and serve with polenta or pasta.

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