July 7, 2010 — Dinner

July 7, 2010 — Dinner

First peas.  I tasted a few fresh off the vine.  The small ones were sweet and tender, the larger ones a bit less so.  Still uncertain whether these were the sorts of peas that one needs to shell, or the sort where one eats the entire pod, I consulted Annie, who advised by email that they were Snap and Snow.   A good clue, but did not answer the question.  So back to Alice Waters – and two newly arrived sources, Clean Food, and How to Eat Everything Vegetarian, all of which helpfully clarified that snap and snow were both designed to be eaten whole.  Although the string was usually edible, both advised cutting off the tip and stringing.   That done, I decided to try stir fry – a quick (2-3 minute) stir in a hot pan with scallions and a bit of canola oil.  The books suggested they would quickly turn dark green, which did not happen.  Not a great success.  They seemed to be rendered less, not more, tender by this process, and the scallion (toasty and wonderful) rather overshadowed the flavor of the peas.  Next time, raw.  

This course was followed by my first simple salad of mizuna.  These sturdy looking greens had wilted not one bit in the record heat.  I picked both older and younger shoots.  30 seconds from picking to bowl, tossed with olive oil and a dash of sea salt.   A terrific flavor – spicey, firm.  The sea salt was completely unnecessary.  I should put these in every sandwich.

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