July 8, 2010 — Breakfast

7/8/10 — Breakfast

Snacked on blueberries during yoga, but decided for separate courses of blackberry and raspberry, to really taste them.   Picked the blackberries already completely black, both larger and smaller.   The variation in flavor between individual berries – all of the same seeming degree of ripeness – was fascinating.   Just a few were perfectly sweet, mostly the smaller ones.  Others seriously sour.  Together, a delicious combination.

Then turned to the raspberries, which seem to move with remarkable swiftness from ripeness to rot.   Some also seem to be suffering from heat and perhaps lack of water.   Some smaller berries shrivled on the vine and inedible.  I picked a colander full of the darker ones, a third mealey but edible, the others soft and flavorful, but none as juicy as they had been last week.    Gave raspberries supplemental watering.   Breakfast finished off with smaller snap peas right from the vine .

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