Have a seat . . .

One of the unexpected pleasures of BRTG is the unusual experience of being seated in close proximity to plants.  In most ground-level gardens, we experience plants as part of an over-all composition, such as a border, or only momentarily, as we pass them walking along a path.   One of the most striking features of BRTG is the experience of being closely surrounded by diverse and interesting plants when seated.  Have a seat and see what I mean:

Above, the close relationship you develop with Sciadopitys verticillata (the Japanese Umbrella Pine) when having a drink at the west end of the main sofa.    Below, the seat at the other end of the sofa, where you are distracted from the view by the remarkable leaves of Ginko biloba ‘Spring Grove’ (Dwarf Maidenhair Tree) framed by the arching stems of the beautiful but non-edible Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Early Amethyst’ (Early Amethyst Beautyberry):

The experience of morning coffee is one of close encounter with fragrant lavender, parsley gone to seed, waves of oregano, roses and filtered morning light, to the gentle sounds of the double-helix fountains:

Or, have a seat on the large curved bench, with your back to the Asian and European Pear espalier:

Finally, retreat to the Secret Garden bench, where you are cocooned by the soft but twisted limbs of Larix decidula (Weeping, or Contorted, Larch, a deciduous evergreen) and, in the foreground, the striking and robust Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Coppertina’ (Copper Ninebark):

The Battery Rooftop Garden is mainly about food and the serious business of urban agriculture.   But all plants nourish the human spirit, and, I’ve found, the closer you are to them, the better.

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  1. Shane Palahicky says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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