Purple Haze

No friends, not the Jimi Hendrix song, and not the potent variety of Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa.  We’re talking carrots here. 

It is November 4, with one only one more day of daylight savings time remaining, a snow storm and light frost behind us, and warmer and dry weather ahead.   For BRTG this means continuing and abundant harvests of Malabar spinach, lettuce, scallions and onions, kale, chard, and . . . carrots:

I decided to introduce a competitive edge to breakfast by conducting a raw taste test among this morning’s harvest of sweet autumn carrots.  The competitors:  Scarlet Nantes, St. Valery, Purple Haze and Atomic Red.  The winner:


Daucus carota ‘Purple Haze’

Purple Haze is an imperator-shaped carrot, with a beautiful muted purple exterior color, characteristic horizontal striations of white and yellow, and a surprising carrot-orange core:

As a raw breakfast treat, it is dry, with a sharp crunch, sweetness characteristic of carrots at this time of year, and a moderate carrot flavor.  The perfect breakfast.

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4 Responses to Purple Haze

  1. I certainly hope you had some protein with that carrot… whose coloring is indeed beautiful–and startling.

  2. Can’t wait to show Mary a purple carrot!

  3. rick hamlin says:

    sounds like a good rock song (but don’t tell anyone it’s about a carrot)

  4. carolwallace says:

    Two points make me very happy here:
    1)your apparent expertise with the various kinds of cannabis saliva
    2) “imperator” shaped. Really? And it’s imperial… why? No. I don’t think I want to know.

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