Hot, Hot, Hot

No, I’m not talking about the genus Capsicum, whose many species of peppers thrive on a green roof. I’m talking about green roofs themselves.  For years, we rooftop farmers have attracted the attention of periodicals like Urban Farm and Living Architecture, worthy to be sure, but hardly mainstream.   This year, that seems to have changed.  In one week earlier this autumn three separate video crews dragged their equipment to the 35th floor to explore the wonders of urban agriculture.


The first of those – an interview with Suzanne Roberts on Headline News Network (HLN) – airs tomorrow, Wednesday November 12 at 1:24 PM Eastern Standard Time.  If you miss it, you can see a truncated version of the interview at .

Following shortly: links to the Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones/Barron’s Penta show on BRTG.

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3 Responses to Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Ned says:

    You’re hot, Fred!

  2. Amy Feind Reeves says:

    Wonderful to see the Rooftop Gardener elevating his profile (pun intended)

  3. Steve Byrns says:

    Very nice Fred. Congrats!

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