Hot, Hot, Hot — Part II

The interview with Suzanne Roberts on Headline News (see previous post) was part of her show, “Seeking Solutions with Suzanne,” which aims to give practical advice to retired Americans.

Her visit was followed a couple of days later by the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, whose audience is a bit different.   Their video site is, in fact, quite specific: “advice for families with assets of $5 million or more.”   On Tuesday, I found myself trying to convince retirees that they can grow vegetables in plastic tubs on the fire escape, and on Thursday my job was to convince millionaires to raise their sights and tell their architects to forget the media room and give them vegetables on the roof.


The Dow Jones videographer took some stunning footage of the garden (to be featured in a subsequent post), and asked the questions off-camera.  Have a look at the resulting program, at .


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1 Response to Hot, Hot, Hot — Part II

  1. Kathy Allen says:

    Excellent Rick!…your next career could be in the movies!…seriously very inspiring explanation of the rooftop garden and it’s rewards!

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